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25 Comments on Using DOM, XPath& CSS for Object Identification in QTP Part 2 Using DOM, XPath& CSS for Object Identification in QTP Part 3 TestO'Matic says: November 25, 2011 at 5: 48 pm QTP also uses a" human" like technology for object identification. During Record, Time QTP tries to learn the properties of a GUI object on which operation is performed. During RunTime, Micro Focus UFT compares the stored object properties with actual properties of the object available on screen Ordinal Identifier: If the assistive properties also do not result in a unique identification of an object a special ordinal identifier is added by QTP, such as the objects location on the page or in the source code.

What is Object Identification and Smart Identification In UFTQTP? with examples. By TestNBug in UFT QTP Basics April 13, 2015 2 Comments. Its all about Objects in UFT. Everything which are visible are known as objects. Such as Text, Images, Edit Boxes, Lists and so on. Now, how does UFT identify these objects uniquely? Dec 26, 2013 Hi, Any idea about in Image Based Object Identification using Insight(QTPUFT) how to get the GetRoProperty value.

Ex: If Image have text, if am tryin Feb 22, 2013 QTP UFT Insight: ImageBased Object Identification With the help of imagebased identification (Insight), QTP UFT recognizes controls in an application based on what the controls look like. I have this image is a childitem in a cell of webtable, like Brower Page Webtable Link Image. After added this image in the repository, I try to Ordinal Identifier does the Identification of objects and alloting them a numerical value, which enables them to decide their order for identical description Ordinal Identifier in QTPUFT: Object Identification Example In this tutorial, we will discuss the 3rd stage in detail Smart Identification.

What is Smart Identification? Thats all about Smart Identification in UFT (QTP). In the next tutorial we will learn in detail about Visual Relation Identifier. A detailed guide to object identification process in UFT. Learned description, VRI, Smart Identification and Ordinal Identifiers.

Going back the earlier image, if ordinal identifier is defined for Submit button. Guide: Object Identification in QTP (UFT) Guide: Microsoft Excel and QTP (UFT) What are the different ways to identify an object on QTP? Update Cancel. ad by DatadogHQ. com. Identification of an Object in QTPUFT: 1) Normal Identification 2) Smart Identification 3) Ordinal identification 4) Visual Based Identification 5) Object identification based on CSS XPath 6) Image Based identification 7) VRI Visual Sometimes, QTP is unable to find any object that matches the recognized object description or it may find more than one object that fits the description, then QTP ignores the recognized description and uses the Smart Identification mechanism to recognize the object.

Step 1 Navigate to" Tools May 20, 2015 QTP First I have repeated this many times in the past and it is still remains the# 1 object identification tip. While testing on any app, make sure QTP is opened first and then your application. QTP Ordinal Identifiers Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated concepts like Record and Play Back, Object Repository, Actions, DataTables, Checkpoints, Synchronization, Debugging, Recovery Scenarios, Environment Variables, Test Results, Objects, Virtual Objects, Smart Identification, Accessing Databases, May 25, 2014 When to use this Feature: UFT does not recognizes the AUT Running on remote machine or non windows platform Insight Object use to run PDF file menu.