Gd image library cpanel

Hey, is there a way to check if GD is installed? Usually when I do the phpinfo() function it gives me an area with GD information. On this server I do not see that. The only line with GD Jan 18, 2010 Hi Im trying to make a program for image handling.

This is what a get Fatal error: Call to undefined function I check How do I enable the GD library on a cPanel server? First you will need to login to the Web Host Manager, Select SoftwareEasyApache. If your cPanel build is out of date it will prompt you to upgrade. How to Install PHP GD library on cPanel, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian servers PHP GD graphics library is a PHP extension for creating images and it can be installed on Linux and Windows servers.

You can use the PHP extension to create images in formats like JPEG, PNG etc. GD is not only used in PHP, it is also used in other programming GD Library is a program installed on the server that allows programs to manipulate graphics. GD (Graphics Draw) can create images using line, arcs, texts, and multiple colors. GD is extensively used with PHP, so you can manipulate images in your PHP coding. Yes, GD library is already installed on In order to enable GD Library support for PHP on Windows server, follow the below mentioned steps: I'm trying to use imagefttext.

And I need to have GD library andor freetype installed. I'm new to this kind of stuffs, How can I install GD library and freetype in Linux?

Expertise level: Easy GD Library is commonly used for image manipulation. It is necessary for creating charts and forms with antirobot Support Portal Home Hosting Guide Hardware& Software What Software and Program Versions Does HostGator Offer?

GD Image Magic. Software Versions. All shared and reseller accounts come with: We do our best to keep software and program versions as up to date as possible. Our technical team regularly