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Jun 12, 2012  This tutorial demonstrates how to create a pushpin from a specified image. First add your image to the silverlight project. Add the bing map control to the page. Define a control template inside the required page or inside App. xaml page. Things we declare in App.

xaml are global. If you need to use bing map on I've been researching all over the internet for a way to change the pushpin image in the Bing Maps C# control.

The closest that I came was using the following solution: Change image for pushpin W The default pushpin icon is great, but at some point you may want to change this to a different icon. To do this, you can pass a URL of a custom image into the icon property of the pushpin options.

Let's say you have the following image in the images folder of your web application: poicustom. png Bing Maps V8 Web Control Map Control Concepts Pushpins. Custom Base64 Image Pushpin Example. Custom Canvas Pushpin Example. Font based Pushpins. You can create map images using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). These images will look better across different sizes and device display resolutions.

This example takes a Mar 06, 2010 Hi all, I am using Bing Maps SDK in Silverlight, i want to know how to change the default pushpin image on the map which is rendered. I figured out a way of passing the pushpin proerties along with bitmapimage to the point primitive constructor. It changes the image but somehow its getting a You will want to create your own Pushpins, sometimes known as MapIcons or Markers, are the primary method in the Bing Maps V8 Map Control to add a graphical image and text at a location within the map.

Custom Pins on Bing Maps with an Image Frame. The textOffset option sets the amount the text is shifted from the PushPin icon. By default, the Bing Maps uses a white text label. It can be changed by setting its CSS class using the typeName option. Here, we set the typeName to blackText. blackText div Feb 15, 2012  I have 2 questions for WPF Bing: How to change image of the pushpin? How to change the toolip display. Currently, it just display 1 horizontal line; I wanted to able display more information (image, word wrap, etc).

The Silverlight version does support these options. Thanks, Steve You can also creat a Download pushpin stock photos including images of thumbtack, attachment, prick and mapping.

Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. May 09, 2016 Note this forum is for questions about the Bing Maps development API's and not the Bing Maps consumer site.

Use the feedback button on the consumer site for questions related to that site. 0 0 HTML5 Canvas Pushpins in JavaScript. In the past the answer was always the same; create a new image that is a different color.

In Bing Maps Silverlight, WPF and Native Windows Store controls we can change the color programmatically by simply setting the background color.

When using this canvas pushpin module we can actually do the Explore the Bing Maps V8 web map control using interactive code samples. Learn how to use autosuggest, streetside, heat maps and much more. Add default pushpin Set color of default pushpin Create pushpin from image Create pushpin from Base64 Image Create pushpin from SVG Create pushpin from Canvas Dynamically create SVG pushpin Add Custom Pushpin Bing Maps SDK Windows 8.

The following post gives Pushpin image bing map very simple tip on how to add a pushpin (custom) to Bing Maps in your Windows 8 application. Add the following References to your project by right clicking References and following the marked section in the image below. Bing Maps for C#C, or How to use the PowerApps Image Control and Static Maps API from Bing Maps and Google Maps to render a Map in your app. Displaying a Map using an Image Control in PowerApps and Bing Maps or Google Maps API.

Pratap Ladhani, change the formula in the Image property of the imgMapControl to include the centerpoint& pushpin Image Overlays with Bing Maps (JavaScript) We can easily use a custom image to create a pushpin, but it will not be positioned or scaled properly without a little work. If we attached to the viewchangeevent of the map, and update the size and position of the image, we can properly bind it to a specific bounding box.

To accomplish this, lets